to My Photographic World.

All of the photographs on this site were taken by me and, naturally, I retain copyright in both this site and all the images herein. Because of the nature of the internet, it may be impossible for me to actually prevent the use of my images, but I ask you to respect my rights as the originator of the work that you see here. If you think that you would like to use an image for any purpose, then simply ask. The files on show here are very low resolution and don't convey the sharpness of the originals.

I do sell my work, and it is possible to use my images for commercial purposes. Again, contact me if you need more information. I also have a number of images on FotoLibra, who will be happy to organise a commercial licence for you.

Individual prints are also available for sale. I can print almost any size, up to 1.0m x 6.0m if necessary, and indeed have done so for clients in the past. All of the panoramic works that you see are quite high resolution, some are extremely high resolution (100Mpixels and above) and remain pin-sharp at extreme sizes.

A frame-able panorama can cost as little as 30 for a 40x12 inch print on heavy-duty paper.

A very large print, say 100x40 inches would range from 150 to 250, depending on the original and the material on which it is printed. Something this big cannot have a mount or frame made for it, but is suitable for framing in-situ on a wall.